Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day! October 13th

Today has been an exciting day for the MBC community because it is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day!  And we have some very BIG voices helping to spread awareness for our need for more research for Metastatic disease.  There is one group that took our cause straight to Washington D.C.!  This new activist group is called Metup. They organized an event called a Die-In.  You can find out more about the Die-in also on their website.  The goal of Metup is to promote awareness and help raise funds that will go directly to stage IV research.  Thousands of men and women, including myself,  wake up daily battling this disease and we live each day with hope that our condition will soon become chronic instead of terminal.  Please check out Metup and all that they are planning to do and help support their cause.  It can truly help save lives.  Some amazing ladies took a whole lot of us with them not only in spirit but through the use of videos and posters.
Please take a minute to look at these videos that highlight just a few of the thousands of people who are currently fighting MBC.  I was very proud to have my picture submitted as a part of this amazing group of people.

Dying for a Cure Video:  One

Dying for a Cure Video: Two

And here is a video honoring the memories of those we have lost to this disease:
Gone Too Soon!

I spent today doing something that all MBC patients do...  sitting in a treatment chair receiving medications that will hopefully keep my cancer from spreading.  It is only through research that I have these life prolonging medications.  But, we have a long way to go before MBC is able to be labeled a chronic disease instead of a terminal one.

When you donate, make sure all of your donations go directly to stage IV research which is the only stage that kills.  A cure for metastatic disease is a cure for everyone with breast cancer.

I personally donate to Metavivor...  look on the blog sidebar for a link to their website if you would like to make a donation.


  1. You're in my heart, Kat. Thank you for sharing your story, and your journey. My mother died of MBC 14 years ago, and not enough has changed in that time.

    1. Thanks so much Zoe... I am so sorry about the loss of your mom. You are right... not much as changed. Hopefully change is coming... too many lost lives...

  2. Kat, Thank you so much for starting this blog and bringing this to my attention. I donate all the time and had no idea how the money was being distributed. I will make sure I following this protocol now because you are my friend, you are important to me and Cancer is damn Monster. I lost my husband to Liver Cancer. The videos made me really think. Cancer loves everyone in his wicked way of taking lives. It does not care what gender, what age, what nationality it just loves to take control of your body. However it will never have your soul or your spirit. It will never have the love and kindness we have for you. No one will stand by and help it fight. We will all be fighting this Monster beside you. Your best reading buddie and Las Vegas Dream Party Girl Robin

    1. Robin, you are such a beautiful person and your words always move me... I'm so glad to have met you. You are such an inspiration for me and you always have a way of making me smile. Every time I hear Vegas I always giggle because I think of you and that wonderful, silly dream... one of my favorite stories ever! Thanks so much for your support and guidance... you always make me feel better.


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